Differences between husband and wife in matters of Manhaj

Question :

If there is a differing which occurs between a person and his wife with regard to some of the khilafaat (the oppositions) which are present today, between Ahlus Sunnah and other than them. For example,the wife she sees Shaykh Yahya hafidhahullah to be correct in this fitna and her husband did not agree, then what is the advice of the scholars with regards to this ?

Answer :

The Shaykh hafidhahullah ta’ala responded by saying :

The Truth is more deserving that it is followed and the woman,she has been ordered with the obedience of her husband.However,this is in goodness and the Messenger sallalahu alayhi wasallam ,he said

“If I was to order anyone to make sujood to anyone else ,i would have ordered the women to prostrate to her husband” (Abu Dawood ,2140 ,graded Hasan)

So he said that she is ordered with goodness. However, she is not to obey him in disobedience or in that which is an error and a mistake. Especially, if she had with her some form of understanding and it is not upon him (the husband) either or he should not force her or put pressure upon her to accept something which is incorrect if she is upon that which is correct.He should not force her in this matter. He(the shaykh) also mentioned that

Umm Sulaim radhiallahu anha, when Abu Talha desired to marry her,at that time Umm Sulaym, She was from the people of Islaam and he was not. So she said that the likes of you is not to be rejected. However, I am a woman who is a Muslimah and it is not halal for you to marry me. However, if you accept Islaam, then you can marry me.(Nasai 3343 graded Hasan)

.So he (the shaykh) said, there is nothing preventing the man to accept the advice or the statement of his wife,if she is correct in an affair.There is nothing preventing this.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Amr Al Hajoori