Staying in house with father who is disbeliver

Question :

Asalamu alaikum, my father is a Christian, and in his house he has pictures and statues, and superstitious omens, like necklaces for good luck hanging up everywhere, and he is always drinking and listening to music, my question is, is it permissible for me to stay with him and sleep over, and pray in this house?

Answer :

Shaykh may allah preserve him said :

First its wajib for you to advice you parent and call upon them to Islam.

And don’t get mixed up with them and be far way from that house.

And if you have moved to another house don’t cut up connected them and adviising them.

and also if you are in the land of kuffar maybe look into going to the land of muslim specialy if you are not able to practice your deen then Hijra is wajib upon you in this case.

Answered by : Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Hizam Al Ba’dani