Bathing completely naked

Question :

What is the ruling on having ghusl being fully naked ? For both males and females.

Answer :

There’s nothing wrong with one washing himself while naked so long as he is in his private courters and not open to the people

Imam Bukhari says:
chapter: The one who washes naked by himself alone and the one who covers is better .

He then mentioned the hadith of Abu Huraira (no. 278) the story of Musa alayhi salaam when he went to wash himself and he placed his thobe (cloths) on a rock and the rock ran off with his thobe (cloths) …

The objective behind the hadith here is Musa alayhi salaam took off
his cloths which shows the permissability of this matter although some say its incorrect and that Allah is more deserving of being shy off.

Allah knows best

Answered by : Noble brother Muhammad Taweel