A person who says “no one truly know who is saved sect”

Question :

For the person who doesn’t claim to be in any particular sect and says ‘we have to take from every sect, because no one truly knows which is the saved sect, and only Allah knows who they are’, do they automatically fall into any of the hizbi sects without them actually claiming it, and if so which sect has this Manhaj?

Answer :

The fundamentals of Islam are the Book (Al Qur’an), the Sunnah and the understanding of the salaf and who ever goes outside of the these three fundamentals has left the fold of the Sunnah and its not a condition that he ascribes himself to a misguided sect rather you find many of the people of innovation ascribing themselves to the Sunnah and we still consider them to be from the misguided sects.

Answered by : Noble brother Muhammad Taweel