Praying for a Muslim claiming salafiyyah while his manhaj is unclear

Question #342:

There is a person who claims as salafi and also he read & translated the books of many salafi scholars to the people, upon that he also praised abdur rahman al adeni in one of his speech.

The least that can be said about him is his manhaj is unclear. This person spoke about walaa and baraa and the authorities in kerala have started legal proceedings against him. A brother now posted in one of the groups a newspaper article detailing the legal proceedings that are being initiated against him, which includes anti-terror charges. The brother who posted the newspaper article says muslims should be aware of calamities that happen to Muslims and that we need to pray for him. I seek the advice of mashaykh regarding this.


If his manhaj is not upright and straight, while he praises AbdurRahman al Adeny, and he involves in affairs of loyalty and enmity with the kuffaar and he inclines towards al Qaida organization (in the affair of al walaa wal baraa), he should be warned against, so that things will not be confused together in the affairs of truth and falsehood.

Answered by: Shaykh Abdul Ghany Al Umary Ḥafidhahullāh

Translated by: Abu Sumayyah Al Nigeri