Prohibiting common people to go to Masaajid of the Kubooriya

Question :

In India, In some masajid of Quburiyyah, there are graves that are worshiped apart from Allah. It is permitted for us to go these places and reject this and clarify to people that this Shirk. May be by doing this we will be beaten and taken to prison. And is it permitted for us to intend the martyrdom with this action ?

Answer :

If you can do Hijrah or flee away with your deen from that place, then this is what we advise you with. As for staying among those people who are staunch disbelievers and the state is state of kufr and the rulers are rulers of kufr, – some words are not clear – may be they will harm you if you go to the soofiyyah and the grave worshipers (to reject their falsehood) as they are aided by the enemies of Allah, they have support which they rely upon.

I don’t advise you to go to them and do that with the weakness that you have, neither the government support you and nor the citizens are with you. Be patient until Allah brings the relief (and make the Islam victorious). As the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) when he was in Makkah, the idols used to be inside the Kabah and he had not broken them. He used to do Tawaf and Pray in the Kabah and idols were inside the Kabah and he never went to Kabah and had not broken them. And after that, when Allah has made him victorious and the Islam superior then he destroyed them after that.

So we advise you with patience and calling the people to Allah and leave this. A day will come, Allah might bring relief (make Islam superior) in various lands, may be (bring relief) in Islamic countries with whatever it has from the trials that the Soofiyyah (grave worshipers) and the Rafidah have brought or may be in those lands that Allah will open them for Islam. Then after that, we do as Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) has done, that we destroy what ever we find from the Dargahs and what ever we find from the Idols and means of Shirk with our heads raised.

As for now, with the weakness that we have I don’t advise you to go to them and do what you have mentioned. And what we advise is patience and calling to Allah until Allah brings you the relief.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Bilal Al Hadhrami
Translated by : AbdunNoor Al Hindi