Hâl of Muhammad Mustafâ al-A’zami

Question 384:
What is the hâl of Muhammad Mustafâ al-A’zami and his works, in order to make it clear whether we can read and propagate his books like :

– The History of the Quranic Text from Revelation to Compilation
– Studies In Early Hadith Literature
– Studies In Hadith Methodology And Literature
– On Schacht’s Origins of Muhammadan Jurisprudence
– Isnâd and its significance


His books are not relied upon and this is how our Shaykh Muqbil rahimahullah used to say. So the person is not straight in his manhaj.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Hamza Hasan Ba-shuaib hafidhahullah

Translated by : Abu Muhammad Nezam Uddin Al Hindi