Responding to someone wishing you Happy Birthday

Question 432

How to respond to the one who wishes us Happy birthday?

Answer :

Mention to him that it not permitted to celebrate birthdays in our Shariah.

See the fatwa of Shaykh Abdul Ghani regarding similar matter:

Question 372:

A Muslim does not celebrate birthdays, but a kaafir from his work who knows his birthdate sent a gift to him which is permissible (such as candy, clothing or a computer/ tablet) and the Muslim  brother wants to know if the wants to know if the gift can be kept and if not how should it be dealt with?


He rejects it and explains it to him that it is haraam in our shariah and it is wajib on the muslims that they be bold (in their explaination) and never feel inferior and he should explain it to them that in our shariah it is not permissible and that it is imitation of the enemies of Islam. Barakallaahu feek.

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Compiled by : AbdunNoor Al Hindi