Making up salah after ghusl due to periods

Question 442

If a woman has delayed her fard salah but gets her period before she could pray, does she have to make up the salah after the ghusl?

Answer :

Our Shaykh Ibn Hizam said in his book Fath-ul-Allaam (1/408) :

The summary of what shaykh said is, there is no making-up on her, because it is permitted her to delay her prayer till end of the legislated time for the prayer. And if the menses comes before she offers the prayer then there is no sin upon her and prayer is dropped from her. This is the saying of Abu Haneefah, Ibn Seereen, Shaykh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Hazm and others.

Summarized and Translated by : AbdunNoor Al Hindi