Drinking of Khateeb during Khutbah

Question :

A brother is asking that is it permissible for the Khateeb to drink between the sitting on the day of Jumuah?

Answer :

The khateeb is allowed to drink in the khutba if he needed to. One of the proofs that shows that al-khateeb can command in the khutba is the hadith, Abu Qatadah,

“When the man enter the masjid, sat down without offeing the two rakah for the masjid (a prayer to be offered when entering masjid before sitting) then the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam command him to get up and offer the two rakat.”

This hadith shows that khateeb can drink, and can do things in the khutba…

Answered by : Shaykh Fath al Qadasee