Advice to new muslimah

Question: A woman accepted Islam a month ago in a land of the disbelievers. Her relatives and friends are hindus. We advise her with whatever we know and gave her books like Shaykh ibn baz’s “Important Lessons for the muslim ummah”. So what do you advise her with ?


The advice for her is that she learns and becomes firm upon her religion: the true religion of Islam. She learns Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism) and meaning of La ilaaha ill Allaah and learns Sunnah and Salaah and she learns Dua. Indeed the first thing which Prophet ﷺ used teach a person after he had accepted Islaam was Salaah (after teaching Tawheed) then he used to teach him that he says (Rabbighfirlee war-hamnee wa-hdinee wa ‘aafinee wa-rzuqnee).

So,she should learn these things which makes her firm and becomes a means for her guidance and firmness.

Gift her Usool-us-Thalatha, Mabaadi Al Mufeedah, Qawaid Al Arba. These books are (available) translated, if you are capable then let your women advise her and teach her.

Answered by:

Shaykh Adnan Al- Masqari hafidhahullah

Translated by

Abu Muhammad Nezam Uddin Al Hindi