Giving wealth to bullies to build house


In our country if we buy a piece of land to build a house, some people come and bully us and they want to be given wealth and if they are not given then they shall make problems and the police do not care. If we give them wealth are we sinful?


If your giving them from the wealth saves you from their evil then giving them is permitted and the sin is upon them and it will be In shaa Allaahu Ta’ala in your account on the Day of Resurrection, you will take it. So if it is sufficient to save yourselves from their evil then there is no issue in this but if giving them wealth makes becomes a mean for increase in their oppression and evil and their bullying you again and them dominating you and other than you then leave (paying them) and be patient and repel evil by that which is better and Allah burdens not a soul beyond its capability

Answered by:

Shaykh Adnan Al Masqari hafidhahullah

Translated by:

Abu Muhammad Nezam Uddin Al Hindi