Ruling on marrying a Jinn

بســـم اللــه الرحــمــن الـرحـــيــم

▪️Ruling on marrying a Jinn▪️

Our Shaykh, Muhammad ibn Hizaam -may Allaah preserve him- was asked the following question:

📩 Question:

What is the ruling on marrying a Jinn?

📝 Answer:

It’s not permissible for humans to marry from the Jinn kind.

Firstly, Allaah – glory be to Him- says:

{وَمِنْ آيَاتِهِ أَنْ خَلَقَ لَكُمْ مِنْ أَنْفُسِكُمْ أَزْوَاجًا…}

“And among His Signs is that He created for you wives from among yourselves..” [Surat Ar-Rum 21]

So He said, ‘from among yourselves’, and Jinns are not from the same kind as humans, hence it’s not permissible.

He also said:

{خلقكم من نفس واحدة وجعل منها زوجها ليسكن إليها}

“It is He Who has created you from a single person (Adam), and He has created from him his wife [Hawwa (Eve)], in order that he might enjoy the pleasure of living with her…” [Suratul a’raaf 189 ]

His statement …”and he has created from him his wife..” i.e. from the same kind. Otherwise, it’s not possible to obtain affection, nor is it possible for this to take place.

Moreover, how do you know whether this male or female Jinn is a Muslim or not? You don’t know!!! In the same way, you don’t know who her Waliy (legal guardian) is. She may come to you with a random Shaytaan (to act as her Wali) in marrying her off to you. Likewise, you’re not able to recognise if this Jinn is the one you got married to or someone else!!!

Therefore, this is impermissible, and this is from the doors of Shaytaan. For how many from mankind have been tricked into this and before you know it they have fallen into this.

This is not permissible, rather it’s forbidden. It contains great evils.

Furthermore, if one enters into this type of relationship, they may lose their sanity and become crazy!

So the Muslim should not be lenient in regards to this affair. Jinns gets married to Jinns, because they are familiar with their own kind and are able to recognise who is a Muslim and who isn’t, whereas humans are not capable of differentiating.

This will cause great difficulty for him and perhaps he may even fall into Zinaa; If he marries a female Jinn, it’s possible for a different Jinn -other than the one he married- to come to him without his knowledge. Likewise, he doesn’t know who married her off to him.

So this affair involves great evils, which make it impermissible.

As for the historic reports which have come concerning the one known as ‘Balqees’, the queen of Sheba, that her father or mother was a Jinn, then this has no basis, so it must not be used as evidence.


Translated by:

Abu Hudhayfah Saami Al-Hindi

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