Labelling Muslims as Jews, Christians, Atheist, Pagans, etc

بـــــسم اللـه الـرحــــــمن الـرحــــــيم

▪️Labelling Muslims as Jews, Christians, Atheist, Pagans, etc▪️

Our Shaykh, Muhammad ibn Hizaam – may Allaah preserve him – was asked the following question:

? Question:

The questioner says: There’s a woman who when she becomes angry at her children she says: “Come here O Jew!” What is the ruling on this, bearing in mind that she says, I don’t mean it?

? Answer:

Firstly, this is gross misconduct on her part as a parent by allowing her children to become accustomed to hearing such statements, which contain labels of disbelief (Takfeer); O you Jew! O you Christian! O you atheist! etc.

The Prophet ﷺ said:

((إذا قال الرجل لأخيه يا كافر فإن كان كذلك وإلا رجعت عليه))

‘If a man says to his (Muslim) brother, O Kafir, if it is as he has asserted, then so be it, but if it was not true, the label (of Kufr) returns back to him.’

[Reported by Bukhaari & Muslim from the Hadeeth of Ibn ‘Umar]

This Hadeeth indicates that this (labelling Muslims to be disbelievers) is a major sin. And not only is it a major sin, it is also seriously bad parenting – allowing children to become accustomed to hearing these words.

So it’s necessary that she seeks repentance from Allaah and returns back to Him in obedience and seeks forgiveness for her misconduct, and a person is easily accustomed to whatever they make themselves accustomed to, so if she stops herself from using these words then she will be accustomed to that.


Translated by:

Abu Ishaq Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ba-‘Alawi

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