Ruling of Accepting a gift from Impermissible Wealth

Answered by our Shaykh, the ‘Allaamah, the Sincere Adviser, Abu ‘Abdirrahman Yahya bin ‘Ali Al-Hajoori – may Allaah preserve him –


I am a student of knowledge here and my father sends me money, so do I accept it with the knowledge that it’s impermissible money? (1)


If you come to know that the money is certainly impermissible, then don’t accept it.

The Prophet ﷺ said :

“Meat which came from the impermisible does not enter paradise, the hell fire is more deserving of it”.(2)

Source :

(1) شذرات من أوائل الدروس العامة للشيخ يحيى حفظه الله تعالى
(2)عن كعب بن عجرة وقد تقدم.

Translated by:
Abu ‘Abdirrahman ‘Abdullaah bin Ahmed Ash-Shingaani