The Ibaadiyah sect

Question: I am in the sultanate of Oman and most of the masajid are run by Ibaadi sect. What is the rule on praying behind an ibaadi imam?

Answer :

The Permanent Committee for research

and fatwa was asked a similar question :

Fatwa No : 6935. Question No: 5

Question : Is the Ibaadhiyah sect from the misguided sects, from the sects of Khawarij and is it permissible to pray behind them along with the evidence?


The Ibaadiyah sect are from the misguided sects due to what they have with them of oppression and transgression and rebellion against ‘Uthman bin ‘Affaan and ‘Ali May Allah be pleased with them both and it is not permissible to pray behind them. With Allah lies success.

Abdullah ibn Qu’ud (Member)

Abdullah ibn Gudayaan (Member)

Abdur Razzaq Afeefi (Secretary)

Abdul ‘Azeez Ibn Abdullah ibn Baz (Head)

Translated by

Abu Muhammad Nezam Al-Hindi