Delaying the sunnah prayers from its time is not permissible without a valid excuse


What is the ruling on delaying the Sunnah prayers from its prescribed time and is it permissible for a person that he combines all of them and prays all of them before going to sleep at night?


This is innovation. How can he pray all of it at night? The Sunnah prayers are to be prayed in its legislated time. If a person forgets it or gets occupied then he may delay praying it as the Prophet ﷺ delayed praying it. He got occupied from praying the two rakah of voluntary prayer after dhuhr so he prayed them after asr. (Bukhari 1233 – hadith Kurayb)

But if there is no excuse for the delay then it does not count if prayed outside of its prescribed time and it is not counted as the voluntary prayer which the Messenger of Allah ﷺ encouraged.

So whatever (voluntary prayer) has a prescribed time then it is to be offered in its time and it is not offered before or after that time without any valid excuse like for the one who slept during the time or got occupied by guests

Answered by

Shaykh Abu Bilal Al Hadhrami hafidhahullah

Answered on

8 Rajab 1441

(1st March 2020)

Dars between Magrib and esha

Translated by

Abu Muhammad Nezam Al-Hindi