A woman’s ‘Awrah inside Salaah

بســـم اللــه الرحــمــن الـرحـــيــم

▪️A woman’s ‘Awrah inside Salaah▪️

Our Shaykh, Muhammad ibn Hizaam -may Allaah preserve him- was asked the following question:

📩 Question:

What’s the ‘Awrah of a woman inside Salaah, and if parts of her arms or legs become exposed, will this invalidate her Salaah? Please include the evidence.

📝 Answer:

The ‘Awrah of a woman inside Salaah is her entire body, excluding the face and hands; this much is agreed upon.

It’s also permissible – according to the strongest opinion – for her to uncover her feet, although it’s best she keeps them covered; because the Ijmaa’ (consensus) in this regard is inconclusive. Hence, the Hanafees allow women to pray with their feet uncovered, and this was the opinion chosen by Shaykhul Islam, and they quoted the following Hadeeth as proof:

((لا يقبل الله صلاة حائض إلا بخمار))
‘Allah does not accept the prayer of a woman unless she is veiled.’

Although this hadeeth is weak, the meaning is agreed upon.

Likewise, the Prophet ﷺ said:
“The Women (i.e. Her entire body) is ‘Awrah, and when she goes out, Shaytan looks to tempt her.”

Therefore, if any part of her ‘Awrah becomes exposed accidentally, and she covers it (instantly), there’s nothing upon her. But if she leaves it uncovered; paying no attention to it, her prayer becomes invalid.

Translated by:
Abu Ishaq Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ba Alawi

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