Advice to the one who sits with hizbiyeen

Question: A man used to be a salafi then he sat with hizbiyeen until he started committing major sins like lying in selling and decreasing the weight (of the goods) until now he lives with a disbeliever woman who is not his mahram and he wants to marry her ..


It is not permissible for him to do that.

﴿ لَا هُنَّ حِلّٞ لَّهُمۡ وَلَا هُمۡ يَحِلُّونَ لَهُنَّۖ ﴾

“They are not lawful (wives) for the disbelievers nor are the disbelievers lawful (husbands) for them” (Al Mumtaḥanah 10)

It is upon him that he repents to Allah and not live with her and he should fear Allah and sit with the people of truth and (repent) for that which he has done by sitting with the people of bidah and people of partisanship. This is how my brothers! Whoever leaves the people of truth and sits with the people of falsehood, this is a deviation, such a person will lie and err and waste and will shave his beard and wear trousers and mix with women. Look! Now he wants to marry a disbelieving woman – We ask Allah for safety and well-being. Have the muslim women become non existent?! He didn’t find a muslim woman? There are many muslim women who have not found husbands. So, there are many muslim women but he didn’t find except her and she might be a hindu or a cow-worshipper or might be a woman with no religion or someone similar – We ask Allah for safety and well-being. So, Beware of sitting with the people of innovations.

Questioner: .. All of this while him being a person being married and has sons and he has beard. We advised him but he doesn’t care.

You advised him – May Allah reward you well – there is nothing else upon you except advising him.

Answered by:

Shaykh Abu ʿAmr ʿAbdul Kareem Al-Hajūri hafidhahullah

Translated by:

Abu Muhammad Nezam Al Hindi