Pictures on Toys, books etc.

بســـم اللــه الرحــمــن الـرحـــيــم

Our Shaykh Abu Ata’a Ahmad Banaja- May Allah preserve him- was asked the following question :

Question :

Some times we buy toys and books for kids having pictures like cars, fruits and vegetables. But in that, they have pictures with eyes, nose, lips etc. What is the ruling on this matter? (Pictures of soul-less items with eyes, nose and mouth)

Answer : 

These kind of pictures should be deleted, removed or erased according to your ability, Because this is more clear in challenging Allah’s creation.

Imagine when you have a car or a fruit but they try to make it like Humans. It is absolutely comparing and competing in Allah’s creation, It’s more clear than real photography pictures.

And these kinds of pictures are Haram. 

So my dear brothers Firstly, I advice you to pick or select the best books to educate them which doesn’t have these kinds of pictures. 

Another thing, if you couldn’t find books without pictures and you are getting only books with pictures then try your best to remove/erase these kinds of pictures.

Besides this my dear brother, this kind of education is a fake education, You are creating a wrong understanding and imagination in the children’s mind/memory.

Imagine when your child is learning about a car which can talk or laugh, can smell and smile; like this, one by one you see your child is living in his own illusion and imagination which does not exist in reality. Your child will think that car’s can talk and laugh and he thinks that the banana sometimes can come to him and feed him by itself like that. 

Things like this, like how we see my dear brothers, sometimes you find children in their own imagination and illusion not because of their childishness, it’s because of the wrong education given to them.

So, I advise you to give them the correct education which can make them understand the reality in the best and basic way.

That’s how it should be.

بارك الله فيك

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