Women calling to Islam in markets

Question :

There is a huge market taking place in my vicinity every Monday where scores of women visit. And even few men. I observed few burqa clad female daees placing their table in line with the hawkers and stopping women to invite them to Islam. These women are accompanied by few men of their foundation who stand at the rear to tackle men who may stop at the table. Is such kind of dawah permissible for women?

If those women are stopped from giving dawah in such manner, they argue that when women can come to shop here, why can’t we do dawah?

Is it allowed for women to go shop at such markets?

Answer :

Allah says addressing the women

وقرن في بيوتكن

“Remain in your homes.”

The prophet has informed that the best prayer for the woman is that which is done in her home. So she remains in the comfort of her own home and her necessities from outside is an obligation upon her husband or those in charge of her.

And if she leaves her house she takes her husband or Mahram with her. So the Muslim woman in Islam is like a precious Pearl constantly under protection and kept secure for her own safety and honor and self respect through out her whole life.

If she goes somewhere close (near by place) where there is no harm upon her there’s nothing wrong with this and she’s allowed to advise other women and call to Islam as for her setting up her own dawah table then its feared that its harms may outweigh its good.

Allah knows best.

Answered by : Noble brother Abu Haroon Muhammad At Taweel As Somalee