Dua when Leaving to Masjid for Fajr?

Answered by our Shaykh, the ‘Allāmah, the Trustworthy Advisor, Abu ‘Abdirrahmān Yahya bin ‘Ali Al-Hajūri – may Allāh preserve him – on the 8th, Dhūl-Hijjah, 1441H

The Hanābilah view that this duā is to be said at every leaving to the Salāh, and there are those who made it specific for the Fajr Salāh, and the affair is flexible.

اللهم اجعل في قلبي نوراً، وفي لساني نوراً، وفي بصري نوراً، وفي سمعي نوراً، وعن يميني نوراً، وعن يساري نوراً، ومن فوقي نوراً، ومن تحتي نوراً، ومن أمامي نوراً، ومن خلفي نوراً، واجعل لي في نفسي نوراً، وأعظم لي نوراً


And is this to be said in the Salāh of Fajr as has come in the hadith or for all Salawāt?


They differed concerning this from the people of knowledge especially the Hanābilah they view that it is said at any leaving for the Salāh, he says this even during the day, and the majority say this came concerning the Fajr Salāh, so it remains that it is for Salāt al-Fajr, and the affair is flexible, this is dhikr from the supplications of the adhkār, if the light of Allāh is requested at this time and other than it, there is no problem, even if it is in his prostrating he says the likes of this, (its) a good duā.

Transcribed to Arabic and summarized by : Abū Abdillāh Ziyād Al-Malīkī (may Allāh reward him with good)

Translated by : Abū ‘Abdillāh ‘Omar bin Yahya Al-‘Akawi

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