The Hair of the Prophet ﷺ

By our Shaykh, the ‘Allāmah, the Trustworthy Advisor, Abū ‘Abdirrahmān Yahya bin ‘Alī Al-Hajūri (may Allāh preserve him)

The hair of the Prophet ﷺ was half way between his ears

Imām Ahmed may Allāh have mercy on him said: Ismā’ēl narrated to us, he said Humaid At-Tawīl informed us on the authority of Anas, he said: “The hair of the Prophet ﷺ used to be half way between his ears.”

Our Shaykh Yahya may Allāh preserve him said :

“And this is in the Sahīh also, the hair of the Messenger ﷺ half way between his ears, he used to have long hair, but he never used to let it reach his shoulders upon totality, rather he said: “What a man is Khuraim Al-Asadi if he didn’t keep his hair long, so he trimmed his hair, and it didn’t come that he let it reach his shoulders, i.e. the edge, so elongating it upon totality, in it is what is in it, disliked, and it is from adornment.

And the Arabs used to like that, and it is more beautiful in women, i.e. from the angle that perhaps she elongated her hair, in it is an increase in her beauty, but in some cases a person could need to oppose some of those who tread on this state to repel doubt, I don’t mean from those previously, but I mean from those who are described with that and are not upon the correct manhaj in later times.”

Transcribed to Arabic and summarized by: Abu Abdillāh Ziyād Al-Malīkī (may Allāh reward him with good) on the 2nd, Muharram, 1442H

Translated by: Abu ‘Abdillāh ‘Omar bin Yahya Al-‘Akawi

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