Salām and Handshake in the Masjid


Some of the general people in our country give salām whenever they enter the masjid, what is the ruling of this custom?


If he intends with ‘salām’ saying “Assalāmu alaykum”, then, this is Sunnah,

اذهب إلى أولئك نفر من الملائكة جلوس و سلّم عليه

Go to these group of angels that are seated and give them Salām.

It came in the sahīhayn on the authority of Abī Hurayrah and the evidence for the Salām are plenty.

And from it, is in the book, Riyadus-sālihīn, a great book, in this book, and if not, then it can be found in the sahīhayn the chapter of Salām that is in Al-Bukhārī and Muslim.

However in Riyadus-sālihīn, which is a good book, combines between what is in sahīhayn and other than both of them.

And if he meant shaking hands (after entering the masjid) then this act should be avoided.

If he meets someone particular then yes [its sunnah (to greet by shaking hands)]. But if it means he comes to them in the masjid, then, this is an opposition to the prophetic guidance, that he will enter the masjid and starts shaking hands and things like that, they [the Salaf] don’t usually enter the masjid and start shaking people. [the shaykh’ s voice here unclear].

Because some of the general people, they intend the salām and shaking hands with the people.

Then, this, if you meet a person or you sit by his side, then, there is no problem in this, but as for the one that comes, he comes and gives salām to all the people and shakes hands in the masjid, then, this is a mistake, and this is also tiring upon them, because the people are busy with dhikr, ‘ibadāt, Salāh, tasbīh, and things like that and du’a.

And also from the customs, rather from bid’ah [ innovations in the Dīn] is that they hasten to give handshakes at the end of the salawāt.

In some countries, you pray at their sides [the shaykh’ s voice here unclear], they think it’s necessary that after salāh, they give handshakes, this is from newly invented matters in the Religion.

اذْهَبْ فَسَلِّمْ عَلَى أُولَئِكَ نَفَرٍ مِنَ الْمَلَائِكَةِ جُلُوسٍ،

البخاري 6227
مسلم 2841
عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه

Answered by:
Shaykh Abū ‘Amr’ Abd-ul Karīm Al-Hajūrī – May Allāh preserve him.


Translated by:
Abū Juwayriyah Nūruddīn ibn Sulaymān ibn Hārūn Al-‘Īdī.