Women going to women-only gym

Question :

What’s the ruling on women going to only-women gym, she takes off her hijab and wears loose garment and headscarf is this permissible or not?

Answer :

The summary of the Shaykh’s answer to this question, was the fact that the women have no objective in making themselves visibly more stronger, there is no legislative objective which requires this from her. The Jihad is not wajib upon her rather its wajib upon the men and Allah subhanahu wa taala has said concerning the women that they remain in their homes and this is the best place for them and getting the women out of the houses in these types of aspects then this is something which is incorrect and its feared for her harm might come about. Also this is aiding the aims of the kuffar getting the women out of the house, so its better that she stays in the house and she stays away from this kind of activities.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Ishaaq Al Qaisee