Ruqyah of person of Sunnah is more effective than Innovaters

Question :

Does the one who is upon innovation or not upon the sunnah at all have the same effect as one who has correct manhaj when performing ruqyah?

Answer :

The Shaykh hafidahullah said this is without a shadow of a doubt that the muslim who is on correct manhaj Salafi has more effect and this is something which there is no doubt in because the messenger of Allah salallahu alayhi wa salam said that the true believer the true stronger believer is more beloved to Allah. The stronger believer who is more upright in his religion and his aqeedah and his deen is more beloved to Allah than the weaker one and he said also that this is something that has been seen and put into practice for it is known that shaykh ul islaam ibn taymiyyah rahimahullah he used to read upon the person and say to him get out and the shaytaan would leave and its been reported that Imaam Ahmad rahimahullah would send a messenger to that person and the shaytaan would leave so no doubt the person the more he is closer to Allah subhanahu wa taala and the more piety he has no doubt this has a greater effect and a brother who was sitting with us mentioned also a narration that shaykh yahya hafidahullah once walked into a room where he was going to read on the one who was sick as soon as he came into the room and said bismillah ir rahman ir rahim and the shaytan exited from that person.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Ishaaq Al Qaisee