Is it permissible to make Umrah or Hajj on behalf of his parents (deceased or live) ?

Question :

Is it permissible for an individual to make umrah or hajj on behalf of his parents ?

Answer :

Yes, it is permissible for one to make umrah or hajj on behalf of his deceased parents. Also, it is permissible for him to make hajj or umrah on their behalf while they are alive but unable to do so (physically).The manner of doing this is that after mentioning: Labayk Allahumma Labayk bi umrah (if intending to perform umrah) or Labayk Allahumma Labayk bi Hajjin (if intending to perform hajj), he mentions the name of the one he is making hajj or umrah for. So, he mentions the name of his parents like ‘on behalf of my mother’ (‘an ummee) or ‘on behalf of my father’ (‘an abee) or the name of the individual on whose behalf he is performing the rites. Also, it is befitting that one studies and learns the rulings pertaining to umrah and hajj so that he does this worship upon understanding and insight, as the scholars have explained.

Answered by : Shaykh Abdullah Aryani hafidhahullah