Is asking questions about the conditions of the people a fitnah?


Is asking questions about those who speak for Salafiyyah considered Fitnah?

For example asking “what’s his condition, what is the condition of this person?”
Because some brothers say “leave this Oh brother… this is fitnah”, and then after this they mention hadīth’s and statements of the people of knowledge in regards to abstaining from Fitnah.

What’s your advise concerning this?


Whoever’s condition was unknown or was spoken about and their affair wasn’t made clear to the questioner, or those who have affairs which call for the enquiring about a clarification on their condition.
They are then asked about.

Muslim reported in the introduction of his Sahih, with an authentic narration, from Imaam Ibn Sireen, may Allaah have mercy upon him, that he said:

“The people used to not ask about the chain of narration, but when the fitnah took place, they said: “Name for us your men”, then they would look for the people of the Sunnah and take from them, and they would look at the people of innovation and not take from them.”

➖Out of preservation of the religion, from having affairs which aren’t from it to not enter into it, under the veil of it coming from the people of the religion.

➖And out of preservation of the Muslims so that they don’t encounter that which they could be deceived with.

And the Most High said:

(وَكَذَٰلِكَ نُفَصِّلُ ٱلْءَايَٰتِ وَلِتَسْتَبِينَ سَبِيلُ ٱلْمُجْرِمِينَ)

“And thus do We explain the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) in detail, that the way of the Mujrimun (criminals, polytheists, sinners), may become manifest.”

Answered by:
Shaykh Abu Hatim Yusuf Al-‘Inaabi Al-Jazaa’iree – may Allah preserve him.


Answered on:
28th, Rabee’ Al-Aakhir, 1438H

Translated by:
Abu ‘Abdirrahman ‘Abdullaah bin Ahmed Ash-Shingaani