Can you wipe over socks after taking them off and putting them back on?


The questioner says: If one takes off his khuffs in order to leave them in the sun, is he allowed to wipe over them after putting them back on?


If he did that before he started wiping over them, i.e. he was still upon his original wudhu; for example, he (performed wudhu, then put on his socks and) prayed Fajr, then after sunrise, while still upon his original wudhu, he puts his khuffs out in the sun then puts them back on in this same state, then there’s no harm; because he is still upon his original wudhu and he hasn’t started wiping over his khuffs.

But if he had already started wiping over his khuffs and then takes them off and places them in the sun, the period allowed for wiping over the khuffs comes to an end as soon as he takes them off. However, he remains upon his unnullified state of wudhu (even after removing his khuffs), but we say that the concession for wiping has come to an end for him. This is agreed upon – there is no wiping after the removal of the khuffs except after performing another wudhu – as proven by the hadeeth of Safwan bin Assaal: “…..The Messenger of Allah used to command us not to take off our khuffs for three days except in the case of sexual impurity…”; which shows that the concession (of wiping over the socks) comes to end as soon as he removes his khuffs, even if he removes just one sock.

Follow up Question:

What if he places his hand inside his socks and scratches his legs?


There’s nothing upon him, as he hasn’t taken his socks off.

Answered by:
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Hizaam – may Allaah preserve him


Translated by:
Abu Yusuf Abdulfattaah