Can you wash the socks instead of wiping over them during wudhu?


The questioner says: what is the ruling on the one who washes his feet with his socks on instead of wiping over them, and is his wudhu valid?


Some socks, if you were to pour water over them, the water would go through the socks and on to your feet, so if this is the case, then he has washed his feet and his wudhu is valid.

As for leather socks, then water does not pass through them whatsoever.

The correct opinion is that it is also valid, although he has opposed the Sunnah. Nonetheless, he has fulfilled the requirement of wiping, and more; since wiping occurs by using some water, whereas he has washed. Although, he has opposed the Sunnah, the closest opinion is that his wudhu is still valid. And the same example goes for washing the head instead of wiping it; this is also still valid, but once again, it’s contrary to the Sunnah; the Sunnah is only to wipe. Therefore, one should not deliberately oppose the Sunnah.

And we said it’s valid, although he is opposing the Sunnah, because the meaning of wiping is to apply some water to the head, and this has occurred.

Answered by:
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Hizaam – may Allaah preserve him


Translated by:
Abu Abdurahmaan Muhammad Ibn shareef Ali Al-Ahdali