Is Dajjaal one eyed?


The questioner says: I came across two Hadeeths in your book; ‘A selection from the statements of the leader of the believers concerning the correct creed’,

The first Hadeeth reads: “The false Messiah (Dajjaal) is defective (a’war) in his right eye”; reported by Bukhari and Muslim from the authority of ibn Umar.

Second hadeeth reads: “The Dajjaal is defective (a’war) in his left eye”; reported by Muslim on the authority of Hudhayfah.

How do we combine between these two reports?


The way to combine between the two is (as follows):
His statement ﷺ: “A’war in his right eye”, means ‘defective’, due to it bulging out like a protruding grape [a grape that sticks out from the rest in a bunch]

Whereas, the narration stating: “A’war in his left eye”, means ‘effaced’ (i.e. non-existant).

[So the left eye is effaced], while the right eye bulges out as if it is a protruding grape.

Therefore, he turns out to be defective in both eyes, so it can rightly be said about him that he is a’war in both his right and left eye.

When it is said “A’war in the right eye” it is from the standpoint that it is defective and looks like a protruding grape.
And when it is said “A’war in the left eye” it is because it is effaced.

So [in summary], his left eye is effaced; he has no eye (on his left side), whereas, his right eye is defective, resembling a protruding grape.

Answered by:
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Hizaam – may Allaah preserve him


Translated by:
Abu Jabal Hyder ibn Nurein Al-hatimy