Can parents teach their children to pray before the age of seven?


The questioner says: Some people say it’s not befitting for the father to accustom his children to praying before the age of seven. Rather he should give them the choice until they reach the age of seven, then accustom them to praying; fearing that they might become impatient/irritated (with the affair of prayer) and flee from it.


This statement is incorrect. It’s best to accustom them to worship (from an early age). It only becomes obligatory for the father to command his child to pray if he reaches the age of seven. At this age, it’s obligatory for him to command the child to pray.

But prior to the age of seven, it is recommended (for him to do so); accustoming them upon goodness, even if the child is young, is better, and in this is much blessing.

And the woman who lifted a child during Hajj and said: ‘Oh Messenger of Allaah, is this child’s Hajj accepted?’. So the fact that she lifted him up, shows that he was younger than seven. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ replied:
‘Yes (his Hajj is accepted), and you will be rewarded’

Answered by:
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Hizaam – may Allaah preserve him


Translated by:
Abu Abdillaah Nafees Al Paakistaanee