Ruling about Smuggling between Countries


Is it permissible to buy and sell weapons in times of fitnah by smuggling them from country to country, as we are living on the border of the country?


This is not permissible between the Muslims.

If there is killing taking place between the Muslims and it is known that this weapon which is being sold, whether it is smuggled or not, is going to be used in this killing then it is not permissible to sell.

As for other than this situation, if the government has given permission to sell weapons then the affair is just like any other type of merchandise, if it is to be used in the cause of Allah and not in evil and falsehood then there is no problem in this as weapons were sold in the time of the Prophet ﷺ.

However, If the government clearly forbids the sale of weapons then it is not permissible whether they are smuggled in or not.

However, if they give permission stating a man can carry a piece or 2 pieces as protection for himself or the likes of this is known amongst the people then there is no problem with that.

Answered by: Shaykh Abu Bilaal Al-Hadhramy – may Allah preserve him


Answered on: 7th Rabee’ul Awwol 1441

Translated by: Abu Huthayfah Saamy Al-hindy