Can you inherit through breastfeeding relations?


Does a brother through breastfeeding relations inherit from those who breastfed him?


There is no heredity (inheritance between one another) through breast-feeding relations, and this has been clarified by Allah in the Qur’an; where Allah said:

{وَأُوْلُواْ ٱلۡأَرۡحَامِ بَعۡضُهُمۡ أَوۡلَىٰ بِبَعۡضٖ فِي كِتَٰبِ ٱللَّهِۚ}

“But kindred by blood are nearer to one another (regarding inheritance) in the decree ordained by Allah.”
[Sura Al-Anfal, Ayah 75]

Heredity is exclusively through blood relations, and there is no differing amongst the people of knowledge regarding this.

Answered by:
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Hizaam – may Allaah preserve him


Translated by:
Abu Yusuf Abdulfattaah