A person who cannot fulfill a vow that he made

Question :

A person when he was ill had Niyyah (intention) to marry a orphan girl if get cured. When he got cured he tried to marry a orphan girl, but couldn’t find a suitable girl. And he is now 30 years old. What is the advise ?

Answer :

The advise is :

It is not compulsory that having just an intention (Niyyah) to fulfill that intention. But if he had vowed (Nadhr) to marry a orpahn girl (if he get cured) then it is compulsary (Wajib) upon him to fullfil that vow due to saying of Allah .

“They (are those who) fulfill (their) vows, and they fear a Day whose evil will be wide-spreading. “ (Al-Insan : 7)

And this Vow is permitted vow. If has married an orphan girl but she is not suitable for him then Allah has not put burden upon him and he can divorce her and marry a suitable girl for him.

Then if there is no way for him to find an orphan girl suitable for him to marry then he have to expiate that Vow (Nadhr) with expiation of Oath (Yameen).

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Ishaaq Al Qaisee