The resemblance of the raafidhah to the Jews


“Hastening to break the fast is in opposition to the Jews, for verily they do not break their fast until the appearance of the stars , and they call it ‘the witness’, and from this angle the raafidhah have coincided with the Jews.

Shaykh-Ul-Islam ibnu taymeeyah رحمه الله mentioned this in his book ‘minhaaj as-sunnah’, and he mentioned that from the ways the raafidhah resemble the Jews is that they delay their iftaar until the stars come out, and he has mentioned numerous ways in which the raafidhah resemble the Jews, approximately 40.

We have singled out these similarities and transferred them from him from ‘minhaaj as-sunnah’ to that treatise, and someone else has a big research where he has complied these similarities in a volume entitled ‘bath-lul jahood fee muwaafaqatir raafidhah bil yahood’ (The exertion of efforts in the raafidhah coinciding with the Jews) The majority of it he took from shaykul islaams book ‘minhaaj as-sunnah’.

And also, postponing the iftaar and anteceding the suhoor due to that which they call ‘precaution’, is in resemblant to the jews, the difference between us and the people of the book is the consumption of suhoor, so this recommendation (that it is recommended and preferred to eat suhoor) was due to opposing the people of the book, due to the saying of the prophet ﷺ

“الفرق ما بيننا وصيام أهل الكتاب أكلة السحور”

The difference between us and the fast of the people of the book, is eating suhoor”

The hadeeth is authentic.

And also due to the fact that they used delay the iftaar, and opposing the people of the book is legislatively intended except that which our religion has come in agreement and confirmation to, in that case we take from our own legislation.

The prophet ﷺ opposed them in numerous acts of worship, and shaykul islaam رحمه الله has singled out this issue in a Large volume called ‘ iqtidhaa-us siraatil mustaqeem fi mukhaalafati ahlil jaheem’ (the necessity of the straight path in opposing the people of hell) i.e. from that which the straight path necessitates is opposing them.

So that which your firmness upon the straight path (the quraan, the sunnah, al-islaam, the truth) and your journey upon it necessitates is that you oppose them, this necessitates this, so this book has been established for this meaning, and something which is similar to this book or rather subordinate to it even though it may be smaller than it and benefitted from it ‘masaail Al-jaahileeyah’ (the issues of past day ignorance in which the prophet ﷺ opposed in it the people of post day ignorance, by Al-‘allaamah An-najdi Muhammad bin Abdil wahhaab رحمه الله.

We began by explaining that opposing them (in the affair of suhoor) is recommended and we didn’t say it was waajib, because one can continue eating up until suhoor (thus not eating suhoor) and that could divert the ruling from it being an order, and due to this the people of knowledge have said it is recommended due to numerous affairs diverting it (from it being waajib).

Benefited from: Shaykh, the Allamah, the Trustworthy Advisor, Abu Abdirrahman Yahya bin Ali Al-Hajuri – may Allah preserve him


Translated by: Abu Huthayfah Saamy Atwal