Ruling regarding female going out to work

Question :

Assalamu alaykum, what is the ruling regarding female going out to work?

Answer :

Shaykh abu-Abdis-Salaam-Qaasim Ar-Raymee answered by saying that it has conditions to it …

One of the condition is that it “CAN NOT” be in a free mixing environment and shaykh said that she should be careful and fear Allaah.

Shaykh also mentioned that it’s best for her to stay at her house and this has come in the noble quran .

Questioner : ya shaikh but what if she is the only one to bringing earning to her family perhaps. E.g for her parents or kids etc. .

Shaikh replied by saying in that case she should fulfill the conditions of going to work and fear Allaah to the best of her ability.

Translator : Muhammad Al Americee.