Knowledge required to call relatives to Islam

Question :

Is a new muslim required to gain in-depth knowledge of Islam before giving dawah to his/her kith and kin? And what is the extent of knowledge a person should have to give dawah to others?

Answer :

Its upon every Muslim to call to Allah according to his ability.

The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam) said
“Convey from me even if it be one Aayah”

The call to Islam is a call to tawheed so whoever has understand the basics of tawheed and the sunnah he calls his close relatives and others to it to the best of his ability and its not a condition that he studys for years brfore calling to the basics however the muslim is to study and learn his religion and every time he learns he acts upon it and calls to it

The type of knowledge which is wajib upon every Muslim to learn is that which he worships his lord by from tawheed. salah, zakaat, hajj, ramadaan and any other acts of worship which he engages in he must learn.

Answered By : Noble brother Muhammad taweel