Moustache : Is clipping better or shaving ?

Question :

What is the correct opinion on the amount of moustache to be trimmed? Some scholars say that the whole moustache should be closely trimmed while Imam Malik rahimahullaah use not to trim moustache except a little above the lips and we have also heard regarding Umar radhiallahu anhu that he used to blow upon his moustache when he was angry. So what’s the correct way of trimming moustache according to the Sunnah?

Answer :

Shaykh answered by saying that it’s more appropriate to clip it and not shave it. This is more correct, however there is no sin on shaving it. Allaah knows best.

Answered by : Shaykh abu-Abdis-Salaam-Qaasim Ar-Raymee

Translator : Muhammad Al hindy.