What do with the stock of prohibited items in shop ?

Question :

The brother wants to stop his business , which is selling some haram cloths like trousers. So what should he do with the stock of trousers that he already purchased. Can he sell it off for the same price as he purchased. Or should he burn them?

Answer :

Shaykh answered :-

إن ستطاع أن يستنفع بها في غير اللبس فعل

وإن استطاع إعادتها لمن اشتراها منه ولو بسعر أقل فعل مع النصيحة

وإلا أتلفها

If he can make use of those cloths someway other than wearing, he can do.Or he can return it to the one from whom he purchased.Otherwise he should dispose them.

Answered by : Shaykh Fath al Qadasee

Translator : Sajid ibnu Shareef al Hindy.