Who says Shaykh Al Albani has mistakes in his methodology of grading ahadeeth

Question :

What is the condition of a person who says Imam Al Albani mistakes in his Manhaj of Takhreej of Ahadeeth ?

Answer :

The summary of what shaykh told is :

Shaykh Al Albani is Mujaddid of the science of Hadeeth in this era and all major ulama of his time agreed upon that. And you can see ulama like Ibn Baz, Al Uthaymeen and Al Wadiee (who is also an Imam in sciences of Hadeeth) quoting that

– “Al Albani has graded this hadeeth as Saheeh”.

And Similar to other scholars, Imam Al Albani is not free from mistakes. So some one comes and finds some mistakes in his grading of ahadeeth that they contradict grading of some big scholars and then they make statements like

– “He has mistakes in his Manhaj of Takhreej of Ahadeeth”,

Such a person may be wanting fame by do this and he should not be cared.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Bilal Al Hadhrami Hafidahullah
Translated the summarized by : AbdnNoor Al Hindi

Note : Also check the fatwa of Permanant committe of Scholars regarding Shaykh Al Albani Rahimahullah