Funeral prayer after Asr on friday

Question : 

Is it permissible to perform funeral prayer after asr on friday ?

Answer :

shaykh said it is allowed, but if the time is close to maghrib then don’t pray on the funeral.

Answered by : Shaykh Fath Al Qadsi

Additional benifit from a brother :

In book “The rules of the funeral” by the shaykh al Albany, in page 175, it is mentioned that its is not allowed to pray the funeral on three occasions, except for something important.

1- When the sun is coming out: (after Fajr).

2- when the sun is in the middle of the day. (Just before the adhan of Zuhr).

3- when the sun is going in.(just before the Maghrib).

Proof: Hadith from the narration of Uqbah Ibn Aamir (Radiallahu Anhu) in Muslim 2/204, Abu Dawood 2/77.