Using Henna and Kuhl by men

Question :

Is it allowed for a brother to use henna on his pink/little finger or on his hand on his wedding it is a tradition in morocco ?

Answer :

The Permanent Committee of Islamic Verdicts was asked:
Is it permissible to use henna without any excuse (for this) or not? Some of the (people) use the henna on their two hands and feet (so) is this permissible without an excuse? Benefit us may Allah reward you all.

Response: Dyeing with henna is permissible for the women. This is because it is a decoration and beautification for them and they are in need of this.
As for the men then it is not permissible for them to dye with henna due to it being from resembling/imitating the women. And the Messenger sallahu alahi wa salaam has forbade this. However it is permissible for the man to use it (henna) as a medication for some illnesses if it is effective against them. Likewise it is permitted to change the grey hairs with it (henna) for men and women. Opposed to the pure black (dye) for it is not allowed to change the grey hairs with it. And with Allah is success, and peace and salutation upon the Messenger.

Reference: Fatawah al-lajnah ad-daimah number (15135).

Ibn Baz was asked rahimullaah:

Is there any evidence that forbids using kuhl (eye liner) on both eyes or henna on both hands and feet for men? Bearing in mind that the intent behind using this is Not to imitate the women, but rather this is a culture?

The Shaykh responded:
It is not allowed for the believer to imitate the women. Not in henna or otherwise. Even if this is a culture then he is not allowed to do something which by way of it will be imitating the women. This is because the Messenger sallahu alahi wa salaam cursed the men who imitate the women and the women who imitate the men. (Al-Bukhari 5885). As for the kuhl (eyeliner ) then there is no harm in this because it is permissible for men and women equally. Therefore if one uses kuhl on his eyes then there is no harm in this. And kuhl is good and beneficial and the Messenger sallahu alahi wa salaam use to use kuhl. So there is no harm in this. (At-Tirmidhi 2048).
Reference: Noor ‘Ala ad-Darb -the 14 tape-