The ruling regarding a person who says that the Jews and Christians are not disbelievers and curses the companions

Question :

My father considers himself a Muslim and yet he makes some very dangerous statements.  Some of which would undoubtedly be  considered kufr (disbelief).  Here are some examples of such evil statements:

“Allah  is Love,”

“Some of the Companions( Radee Allah anhum) were liars”

” I believe in the Qur’an but not the Sunnah,”

 “The Jews and Christians are not disbelievers”.

Is my father to be considered a disbeliever (outside of the fold of Islam) ? or is he to be excused due to his ignorance?   Finally, is it permissible for a person who is a layman (from the common people) to declare him to be a disbeliever?

Answer :

Shaykh Abu Amr Al Hajoori (May Allah preserve him) started by praising Allah (The Mighty and Exalted) and then bore witness that none has the right to be worshiped besides Allah (The Mighty and Exalted) and that Muhammad (Salah Allahu allayhee wa salam) is His slave and final  Messenger.  The Shaykh ( May Allah preserve him) then  responded by saying,” There is no doubt that these types of statements are disbelief and one of them alone is sufficient  to declare this individual as a disbeliever (Non Muslim). From the  (reasons in the above) statements (that takes a person outside of the fold of Islam) is the person’s doubt or criticism that the Jews and Christians are in fact disbelievers.There is no doubt that this individual is a disbeliever,whether he is from those who were raised as disbelievers  such as the Jews and Christians or otherwise (meaning he was raised as a Muslim and/or regards himself as a Muslim).  As for that which pertains to calling this individual to the truth. Then he is to be called (to Islam) and he is to be advised until clarity is brought to him.”

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Amr Al Hajoori

Edited by Ausama Ibn Salem Elhuzayel