Free mixing

Advice related to precautionary measures against the spread of corona virus (COVID-19) – On using alcohol based soap, refraining to shake hands and making circles of knowledge
last update: February 20, 2021
Living in the Lands of Disbelief and Entering One’s Children into their Free Mixing Schools
last update: May 8, 2021
Taking Ones Wife to a Male Eye Doctor When There is No Female Eye Doctor
last update: May 7, 2021
Wedding Customs where Men and Women come Together
last update: April 28, 2021
The Permissibility of Having a Waleemah on the 7th Day After The Birth of a Child
last update: April 22, 2021
The prohibition of women reading the Qur’ān to non relative male teacher, even from behind a screen
last update: February 24, 2021
Advise for a man who speaks with women on Social Media
last update: February 5, 2021
Definition of dire necessities (الضروريات)
last update: February 20, 2021
Studying in a branch of a free-mixing University
last update: January 23, 2021
Speaking to Non-Mahaarim
last update: December 24, 2020
Fear Allah and don’t free-mix on social media
last update: December 22, 2020
Images for the sake of da’wah and Teaching women without a barrier (or) closing the paths of Sin and Evil
last update: October 25, 2020
The dangerous trial of looking at the Women
last update: October 25, 2020
Conversating with the opposite sex for Dawah & greeting the opposite sex
last update: October 20, 2020
Teaching in Free-mixing schools
last update: October 30, 2020
Teaching women face to face (without a barrier)
last update: August 22, 2020
Obligation of leaving free mixing colleges
last update: June 26, 2020
Looking at a female stranger in the market, government office, hospital, airport, etc
last update: October 30, 2020
What is the ruling of teaching women without a screen?
last update: February 12, 2020
Shaking Hands with Women Outside Your Immediate Family (non Mahram)
last update: August 30, 2019
Free mixing is Haraam
last update: August 23, 2019
At what age should a child be prevented from mingling with non-mahrams
last update: August 23, 2019
Woman traveling with sister and sister’s husband
last update: October 29, 2020
Advice on completing course involving free mixing
last update: January 26, 2018
Can we benefit from translations of a brother who study in freemixing
last update: January 12, 2018
Women joining telegram channels run by men
last update: July 21, 2017
Muslims studying in co-ed medical college
last update: April 21, 2017
The Legal Verdict Regarding Free-Mixing of Men and Women in Education
last update: April 21, 2017
Putting small boys in pre-school which have female teachers
last update: February 10, 2017
Studying in co-ed university without attending daily classes
last update: September 30, 2016
Woman traveling in bus along with other women and driver is a man
last update: February 20, 2016