Major sins

Advice related to precautionary measures against the spread of corona virus (COVID-19) – On using alcohol based soap, refraining to shake hands and making circles of knowledge
last update: April 4, 2020
If married couples steal from one another, do they deserve to have their hands cut off?
last update: August 21, 2020
Cooperating (in the affairs of Da’wah) with those of Ahlus-Sunnah who see picture-making as being permissible
last update: August 20, 2020
Islamic Ruling on taking pictures of Living beings
last update: August 20, 2020
Refuting a baseless doubt regarding the punishment of the Grave
last update: August 19, 2020
Ruling on women wearing wigs and false eyelashes
last update: August 15, 2020
It’s not permissible to dye the hair black, nor to pluck out any grey hairs
last update: July 18, 2020
Ruling on filling in eyebrows as well as bleaching them
last update: July 17, 2020
Erasing filthy posts is necessary even if your account remains inactive
last update: May 28, 2020
The ruling on placing CCTV cameras in shops
last update: May 25, 2020
A man had extramarital relations with a woman which resulted in a child, can he now marry her?
last update: May 4, 2020
Advice for a serial fornicator
last update: May 4, 2020
Standing up in veneration of others
last update: May 4, 2020
Committing suicide after a shameful and embarrassing mistake
last update: April 16, 2020
What is the Ruling on Approaching one’s wife during her menses?
last update: March 26, 2020
Is there a specific number of major sins? Or is it not of a specific number?
last update: March 21, 2020
Is taking pictures of that which possess a soul, haraam in and on itself or due to something it causes?
last update: February 7, 2020
Taking pictures and videos under the name of D’awah doesn’t bring about good, rather it harms the D’awah
last update: February 4, 2020
When Can A Woman Leave Her Home Without A Mahram?
last update: August 30, 2019
Can a child who is born out of wedlock be ascribed to the father, if the father is known beyond doubt?
last update: August 24, 2019
Is shaving the beard a major sin?
last update: July 18, 2019
Kicking out a relative due to Kufr and sin
last update: July 18, 2019
If there’s a probable chance that someone was the cause of death, must he pay blood money?
last update: July 18, 2019
Speaking unjustly regarding another Muslim is from Ribaa
last update: July 18, 2019
Prohibition of ascribing to other than one’s own lineage
last update: July 8, 2019
Proven treatment for black magic and evil eye
last update: June 21, 2019
Muslims helping disbelievers against Salafees
last update: March 9, 2018
Praying behind an innovator who calls to participation in elections and democracy
last update: April 21, 2017
Invalidation of marriage if husband cohabits with step daughter
last update: March 17, 2017
Speaking about Allāh without knowledge 
last update: September 30, 2016
Murdering innocent souls from the Kuffaar
last update: September 2, 2016