Women specific issues

A step by step guide to Hajj and Umrah
last update: July 20, 2019
The liquid which comes out of the woman during her pregnancy, is it considered to be a nullifier of wudhu?
last update: February 23, 2020
What is the ruling of teaching women without a screen?
last update: February 12, 2020
What are the characteristics of a righteous woman?
last update: February 8, 2020
A woman travelling without a Mahram in order to safeguard her religion
last update: January 19, 2020
When Can A Woman Leave Her Home Without A Mahram?
last update: August 30, 2019
Does dry nursing prohibit marriage / establish suckling relationships
last update: July 3, 2019
Wife giving her zakaat to her husband
last update: September 29, 2017
Is a woman’s name awrah?
last update: September 22, 2017
Woman covering face in salaah while in public
last update: July 21, 2017
Making up salah after ghusl due to periods
last update: July 7, 2017
Women joining telegram channels run by men
last update: July 21, 2017
Is it obligatory to obey the woman ruler ?
last update: May 19, 2017
Iqamaa for a woman performing Fardh prayers
last update: April 28, 2017
First wife threatening divorce for taking on a second wife
last update: April 21, 2017
Women performing Hajj with non-mahrams
last update: March 17, 2017
Father is rejecting to marry his daughter to one who practice the Islam
last update: February 10, 2017
Putting small boys in pre-school which have female teachers
last update: February 10, 2017
Ruling of granting the right of divorce to woman at the of marriage
last update: November 11, 2016
Muslimah teaching other Muslimahs to apply makeup
last update: October 16, 2016
Feeding the poor for delay in making up of fasts till next Ramaḍān
last update: June 30, 2016
Women praying the funeral prayer in congregation led by a woman
last update: June 12, 2016
Ghusl al-Mayyit for a Menstruating Woman
last update: May 25, 2016
Burial Shroud for a person who dies in the state of Iḥrām
last update: May 25, 2016
Woman traveling in bus along with other women and driver is a man
last update: February 20, 2016
Attaching husband’s name with a woman’s name
last update: January 15, 2016
Joining a women’s whatsapp room to learn Arabic in which the teacher is male
last update: April 14, 2016
Conversation between spouses on phone which leads to masturbation
last update: December 25, 2015
Covering women’s feet in prayer
last update: November 27, 2015
Helping a unknown injured women on road
last update: November 27, 2015
Ruling on wearing a ring on the middle finger for women
last update: April 14, 2016