Raising children

Advice related to precautionary measures against the spread of corona virus (COVID-19) – On using alcohol based soap, refraining to shake hands and making circles of knowledge
last update: April 4, 2020
Ruling on Mother Gifting her wealth Unequally Among Children?
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At what age must we begin veiling our daughters?
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Right of custody over the child, after her mother’s remarriage
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Child Maintenance
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Benefits Regarding Naming Children
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What is Tahneek and It’s Benefits?
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What is the ruling on shaving the head of the Newborn?
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Is the aqeeqah to be done (for the baby who died of miscarriage) if a soul has been blown into it?
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What’s the ruling of naming with the name ‘Abdud-Dayyaan?
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What’s the ruling of shaving the head of the newborn and giving the weight of the hair in silver as charity
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Benefit regarding rulings of Aqeeqah
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Advise for those who have financial stability to push their children to seek knowledge
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Separating children’s beds at the age of ten
last update: August 4, 2019
Will every child born from Zina end up in the Hellfire?
last update: July 9, 2019
Nursing relations are only established if the child is suckled within the nursing term
last update: July 8, 2019
How many sucklings are required before marriage becomes unlawful
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Do suckling legislations still apply
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Does dry nursing prohibit marriage / establish suckling relationships
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Ruling on pellet guns
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Loving own children more than step-children
last update: October 6, 2017
First wife threatening divorce for taking on a second wife
last update: April 21, 2017
Parents reading invocations before sleep on behalf of children
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Rewarding children for doing good
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Putting small boys in pre-school which have female teachers
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Changing name of step-daughter to appropriate Islamic name
last update: December 23, 2016
Is it preferable that a pious person does the taḥnīk for a newborn?
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Doing the aqeeqah by a person who is under debt
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Is circumcision allowed to be done by a non Muslim doctor?
last update: November 27, 2015
what are some of the benefits of a Righteous child for the parents ?
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Can little girls stand between men in rows of Prayer?
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