Eating food along with disbelievers or who doesn’t pray

Question :

Can a uslim eat from the same utensil from which eats a polytheist or like the one who doesnt pray ? yani is it permissible for the muslim to share the disbelievers food from the same utensil and meal.

Answer :

If the food is halal then muslims can eat with the disbelievers because the disbelievers are no najas (impurity) from the body they are najas from the aqeedah.

Secondly, if the food is haram then a muslim can not eat with the disbelievers.

Thirdly if the case of disbeliver is allow to eat with the muslims, if the food is halal, then the one who doesn’t pray is first. (Meaning naam).

Marjiha books of fiqi, chapters of food and chapters of dhahra.

Answered by : Shaykh Fath al-Qaadasi