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Is a Muslim who falls into major Shirk out of ignorance to be called a Mushrik immediately or is it only after establishing the proof on them?
last update: July 8, 2023
Not to slaughter for Allaah in a place where it is slaughtered for other than Allaah
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What has come in slaughtering for other than Allaah
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Ismaa’eel Halaal ?
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The ruling on eating from the meat slaughtered after the death of someone?
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Giving food to non-Muslims during fasting hours
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The ruling on working as a chef in a restaurant which sells impermissible foods
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The ruling on delivering foods for a restaurant which mostly serves impermissible foods
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The ruling on eating during the day of Ramadhan without an excuse
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Swallowing food remnants which got stuck between the teeth during Ramadhan
last update: July 11, 2021
The claim of the presence of Homosexuality in Jannah
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Forgetting to mention the name of Allāh whilst slaughtering
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Aqīqah and Udhiyyah with one intention
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Eating the meat of the Shia
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Definition of dire necessities (الضروريات)
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Slaughtering an offering after having built or entering a new house to ward away the Jinns
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Slaughtering an animal already near to death for food
last update: January 16, 2021
The Origin of Prophetic Medicine
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Ruling on eating locust without grilling?
last update: November 21, 2020
Gathering on the Second Day of Eid Al-Adhaa to slaughter on behalf of the dead.
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Is the Zebra (wild donkey) allowed to eat if it is domesticated?
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What is the ruling on working in Food Delivery which Includes Not Halal Food?
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What is the ruling on eating turtles and crocodiles?
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Dates Prepared for Breaking Fast in Ramadan, How to Handle what Remains after Ramadan?
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Can alcohol be used to clean objects and appliances?
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Is it allowed for a person to revise the Quran while he is chewing qaat?
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Advice related to precautionary measures against the spread of corona virus (COVID-19) – On using alcohol based soap, refraining to shake hands and making circles of knowledge
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Benefit regarding rulings of Aqeeqah
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Gifting away a portion of the meat from the Udhiyyah
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Software Platform that may be used for Prohibited Affairs
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Is Nutmeg Ḥarām?
last update: December 2, 2016